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Why do people stay in abusive relationships?

On Behalf of | Jun 11, 2020 | Uncategorized |

“Most victims stay in abusive situations because they can’t afford to leave, and they return an average of 7 times because they don’t have the financial means to stay safe.”

The quote is from FreeFrom CEO Sonya Passi. She is talking about victims of domestic abuse. The organization exists to help women who suffer domestic violence gain the financial means to escape their abuser. Not by handing out money, but by assisting them in creating an income source that is flexible enough to cope with the time demands of raising children alone.

While being shut in with your abuser may have made things worse, in most situations, it merely exacerbated a situation that already existed. The current financial uncertainty has made it even harder for people trapped in a domestic abuse situation to escape.

Knowing you can support yourself and your children, if you have any, allows you to break free from your abuser and stay free from them. Of course, things are not always that simple. You may have other worries preventing you from leaving; perhaps you fear they will come after you and hurt you, perhaps they have told you they will.

Escaping domestic abuse can be more complicated than people realize. Abusers can control people in many ways, not just financially. If you are ready to break free and take back control of your life, a compassionate Michigan attorney can guide you through the legal options available to protect you. Maybe you can’t afford to leave, but can you afford to stay?